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Chris Capehart Lecture notes

Chris Capehart Lecture notes


Chris Capehart’s Street Magic Lecture will teach:

- Close-up and Stage Street Magic that will make you money!
- The importance of crowd control. Chris will teach you the truth about keeping everybody’s attention.
- Collecting money is trickier than you think. Chris reveals personal secrets about filling your hat to the brim!
- What should you carry when performing on the street? Pocket management distinguishes the professionals from the amateurs and Chris reveals his thoughts on this important topic based on real-world situations.
- Discussions about which places and areas to perform, licenses in order to work plus the true dangers of street entertaining.
-Bonus: Chris will teach his famous “Three Ring Routine” and his version of the classic “Miser’s Dream”

Come to Chris’ lecture and you will find a pleasant blend of detailed instruction and street-theory, which is guaranteed to inspire you for years to come! 

He is the only magician I’ve ever seen who can bring down the house with a stock trick.” …Jeff McBride

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