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Kiddin’ Around

Kiddin’ Around


On this DVD, Capehart shows how to present compelling magic for kids that doesn’t insult the intelligence of anyone over six years old, the way that many kids performers do. Capehart is not only an excellent performer, he combines lots of skills, which also involves and entertains the parents who are watching with their kids. 

You get to watch Capehart perform an entire kids show. Some of strengths in his show is that he establishes a means for kids to “win,” which becomes a running theme that encourages kids to watch closely and participate, and assists with crowd control. He has a somewhat aggressive style that confronts kids and keeps them involved, and it thoroughly works with his stage persona.

Chris Capehart is one of the most successful magic performers in the world and on this 2-DVD set, Chris performs his hilariously funny kids’ show. Chris performs and explains: Cards for Kids, Coloring Book, Matilda and the Lota Bowl, Sponge Balls, Hopping Spots, Botanica, Change Bag, Fraidy Cat and even more. After the show, Chris talks about all of the things that are important to make a kids show successful and what makes him so special.

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